Exploring Alaior, Spain

Exploring Alaior, Spain

After we found we decided to fly to Spain and explore Alaior. 


Torre d’en Galmes

The town is located on a small hill which is sharp on its south side. It has comprehensible visibility over a large spread of southern coast.

Torre d’en Galmes was one of the biggest in the Balearic Islands, and its high location has a view of other neighboring towns. Consisting of watchtowers and houses that have resisted thousands of years for this impressive prehistoric town.

Once flourished on the Balearic Islands of Spain is the Talayotic (also spelled Talaiotic) culture that is termed after prehistoric watchtowers called layouts. For enemies proceeding while the culture itself may have declined with the coming of the Romans, the island’s residents are thought to have kept an eye out the megalithic talayots are still scattered everywhere the isles. Tourists can view some at the Torre d’en Galmes, a wrecked town that was established on the island of Menorca around 1400 BC.

There is a T-shaped construction perceived to be a religious structure that can be seen on a hill, that can exalt for the well-preserved site that borders a public area with three talayots and one taula. Architectural marvels tagged for the stone monuments which were erected sans the help of machines, and these stone monuments largely cope to withstand the test of time.

There are private dwellings that were built in a circular design that discharges outward from a central courtyard in the direction of the southern side of the site. There is a hypostyle or storage chamber on some of the houses as well. A sophisticated water cistern system has been discovered by Historians.

Researchers have been able to come up together a chronicle about the creative community which resided there for hundreds of years with the help of these remarkable structures and other artifacts uncovered on the island. With possible ties to other ancient civilizations for the unique settlement which may have been a principal trading center.

Going to this town, it’s best to visit in the morning or late afternoon as the site closes in the afternoon for siesta hours. The group may walk around the village and explore the caves and houses. Over the entire island that remains untouched, there are Talayotic monuments that can be visited. Tours are convenient by riding a bus from the port cities of Mahon and Ciutadella.


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