My Trip to NY

My Trip to NY

Recently, I traveled to New York City for Christmas and New Year vacation. I stayed in the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village and absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere and people. I was able to meet up with my college friend for dinner who drove in from New Jersey just to see me. I was also able to roam around the Village streets on my own for the first time and was in total bliss. I felt like an adult and felt free. I met a gentleman named Peter who worked in the Washington Square Park across the street from the hotel. He wrote me a personalized poem based on the topic of Adoption. After talking to him for twenty minutes about books and authors and music, we went our separate ways but I will never forget that experience.


New York is a beast. Central Park and 5th avenue are probably the busiest streets in the world. However, Central Park allows for natural beauty to be experienced by placing a river and beautiful, swaying trees in the middle of a bustling city. I experienced pure delight when I walked the city and felt the cool breeze and the energetic air. I brought home a souvenir from our time there.


Trump Tower was completely packed and shut down due to the overwhelming threats and insanity of these election years. I took a photo of a gentleman holding up a sign that said ‘Santa’s Gift for Trump’ with some explicit sign language. It was amusing. New York has never been held back by opinions or lack of understanding. It has always been a culture rush for any topic of the time and will continue to be an everlasting light to those who are still in the dark. I would recommend contacting my friend Carlos who owns Handyman Pompano Beach and ask him his thoughts on the city. I bet he would say it’s his home and always will be.

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