Take Time Off

Take Time Off

A recent study showed that Americans do not take enough vacations days. It’s not that the workers have a lack of vacation days. On the contrary, Americans get plenty of time off. Many Europeans might not agree that my prior statement, however. Europeans have some of the most generous vacation policies in the world.

I have fallen into the category of those who don’t take enough time off. For reference, the recent study I was talking about has a surprising number. It found that half of Americans do not take enough vacation! Remember, these workers already have these days allotted to them. They just don’t take them. But, why?

There are a few possible reasons for this. One of the reasons is that people might be scared of getting fired. This is the most extreme example, in my opinion. Perhaps they believe that, if they take too much time off, their superiors will think they are replaceable. If the work gets done without them, does the company need that person?

Another reason some people don’t take off work is that they are workaholics. The country that has the most issue with this is Japan. Japan has hard workers who tend to work many more hours than they should or have to. I recently saw an article says that workers in Japan are banned from working over a certain amount of hours. This should teach us something.

We need to take time off! I used to not take all of my vacation days. There was a time when I had the option of getting “paid out” for my vacation days, which was great. But I don’t have that option anymore. It’s much better this way because I do like taking time off. Those who take at least two weeks off each year will feel the same way!

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