My Recent Road Trip

My Recent Road Trip

The last trip I was on was not by air. It was a road trip. I have often wanted to go on a road trip because it’s a rare thing for me to do. I enjoy the adventure of an open road and seeing where it might lead me. Sure, I had a destination, but the little gems on the way make road trips more exciting. On my last road trip, I drove to New York.

Road trips many times means that the traveler will drive through many states. And I did just that. I believe that, in one day, I crossed through six states. Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey were all on my list to drive through.

On the trip to New York, I drove past many road stops. I stopped at a few! My favorite rest areas are the ones that have a food court and shops. It’s always intriguing to imagine what I will find in one of those gift shops. I’m always curious what types of food will be offered in those stops. When I’m traveling, I like to try new foods and restaurants I have never heard about before. What’s the point of always eating at the same place?

On the way back, I stopped in Delaware to eat dinner. Delaware is one of those states that isn’t known for much. However, a closer look at the state shows it has a rich history. I ate in the downtown area of a college town, which was very quaint and clean for it being a college town. Who knew that lamb on pizza would be so delicious? That was the only time I’ve ever had lamb on pizza.

It’s things like this that which make road trips fun. Trying things for the first time and discovering new areas will always be fun for me. I look forward to my next road trip.

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