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Exploring Alaior, Spain

After we found we decided to fly to Spain and explore Alaior. 


Torre d’en Galmes

The town is located on a small hill which is sharp on its south side. It has comprehensible visibility over a large spread of southern coast.

Torre d’en Galmes was one of the biggest in the Balearic Islands, and its high location has a view of other neighboring towns. Consisting of watchtowers and houses that have resisted thousands of years for this impressive prehistoric town.

Once flourished on the Balearic Islands of Spain is the Talayotic (also spelled Talaiotic) culture that is termed after prehistoric watchtowers called layouts. For enemies proceeding while the culture itself may have declined with the coming of the Romans, the island’s residents are thought to have kept an eye out the megalithic talayots are still scattered everywhere the isles. Tourists can view some at the Torre d’en Galmes, a wrecked town that was established on the island of Menorca around 1400 BC.

There is a T-shaped construction perceived to be a religious structure that can be seen on a hill, that can exalt for the well-preserved site that borders a public area with three talayots and one taula. Architectural marvels tagged for the stone monuments which were erected sans the help of machines, and these stone monuments largely cope to withstand the test of time.

There are private dwellings that were built in a circular design that discharges outward from a central courtyard in the direction of the southern side of the site. There is a hypostyle or storage chamber on some of the houses as well. A sophisticated water cistern system has been discovered by Historians.

Researchers have been able to come up together a chronicle about the creative community which resided there for hundreds of years with the help of these remarkable structures and other artifacts uncovered on the island. With possible ties to other ancient civilizations for the unique settlement which may have been a principal trading center.

Going to this town, it’s best to visit in the morning or late afternoon as the site closes in the afternoon for siesta hours. The group may walk around the village and explore the caves and houses. Over the entire island that remains untouched, there are Talayotic monuments that can be visited. Tours are convenient by riding a bus from the port cities of Mahon and Ciutadella.


My Trip to NY

Recently, I traveled to New York City for Christmas and New Year vacation. I stayed in the Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village and absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere and people. I was able to meet up with my college friend for dinner who drove in from New Jersey just to see me. I was also able to roam around the Village streets on my own for the first time and was in total bliss. I felt like an adult and felt free. I met a gentleman named Peter who worked in the Washington Square Park across the street from the hotel. He wrote me a personalized poem based on the topic of Adoption. After talking to him for twenty minutes about books and authors and music, we went our separate ways but I will never forget that experience.


New York is a beast. Central Park and 5th avenue are probably the busiest streets in the world. However, Central Park allows for natural beauty to be experienced by placing a river and beautiful, swaying trees in the middle of a bustling city. I experienced pure delight when I walked the city and felt the cool breeze and the energetic air. I brought home a souvenir from our time there.


Trump Tower was completely packed and shut down due to the overwhelming threats and insanity of these election years. I took a photo of a gentleman holding up a sign that said ‘Santa’s Gift for Trump’ with some explicit sign language. It was amusing. New York has never been held back by opinions or lack of understanding. It has always been a culture rush for any topic of the time and will continue to be an everlasting light to those who are still in the dark. I would recommend contacting my friend Carlos who owns Handyman Pompano Beach and ask him his thoughts on the city. I bet he would say it’s his home and always will be.

Google Flights

Seeing as this blog is named after Google it’s fitting that we talk about a great way to book flights. Well, perhaps I mean look for flights. Google is the world’s most popular search engine. When someone wants to find something on the Internet, they go to Google. Gone are the days when we Ask Jeeves. Gone also are Netscape searches or search via America Online. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the most popular search engines in America. Given this information, it’s no surprise that Google has a fantastic way for travelers to search for airfare.

Enter Google Flights. I first found out about this website a few years ago. I don’t remember exactly how I found it. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Google Flights has a superior user interface. Also, and more importantly, Google finds, somehow, the lowest priced flights around.

Their tagline is “book flights with confidence”. And that’s exactly what I do anytime I need to search for an inexpensive flight. Whether I’m traveling to Chicago or somewhere in another country, Google Flights can’t be beaten. There are a few ways to find flights in Google Flights. One way to simply to click the interactive map, which shows cities. If I want to travel to Chicago, I click Chicago. It immediately brings up a calendar. From here, I’ll input the date I want to travel. I could choose to fly one-way or round trip. After that, Google Flights gives me plenty of choices. And it lists the prices from the most inexpensive to the more expensive. This makes it easy for me, and everyone, who wants to find the cheap flights first. How great it is to go on vacation and save money while doing so!

I will always use Google Flights when I travel. After reading these tips about travel, I hope you do too!

Cheap Travel

How do you find cheap travel? By keeping your head on a swivel! What does that mean? It means to always be aware when there are deals. There are numerous ways to do this.

One of the ways is to subscribe to travel blogs. These blogs will email you perhaps once or twice a month with travel tips. They may talk about specific locations that are having a deal. Travel blogs are great because they let the reader know about places the reader didn’t know existed. How can you visit a place you don’t know about? You must learn what’s out there first!

Another way a traveler can find cheap travel is to routinely visit the websites of airlines or hotels. For example, let’s say a traveler wants to stay in Chicago. Well, the traveler should pick about five of their favorite hotel choices. Now, all they have to do is visit the hotel website once a month. It’s that easy! At some point, the hotel will have a travel deal. Then the traveler can finally book their stay.

A great time to book travel is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Actually, most companies extend their deals all week that week. Cyber Monday follows Black Friday. We talked earlier about hotels, but airlines have their own deals as well. Did you know that you can fly to Europe for only a couple hundred dollars? It’s true! This was almost unheard of a few years ago. Flight prices were more expensive in part because oil and gas prices were most expensive. After all, the airlines do have to pay for gas. And airlines pass part of that cost on to the passenger.

One of the best parts of traveling could be that taking vacations could be affordable. It’s very possible! Just keep updated with the latest deals and you’ll save money too.

Take Time Off

A recent study showed that Americans do not take enough vacations days. It’s not that the workers have a lack of vacation days. On the contrary, Americans get plenty of time off. Many Europeans might not agree that my prior statement, however. Europeans have some of the most generous vacation policies in the world.

I have fallen into the category of those who don’t take enough time off. For reference, the recent study I was talking about has a surprising number. It found that half of Americans do not take enough vacation! Remember, these workers already have these days allotted to them. They just don’t take them. But, why?

There are a few possible reasons for this. One of the reasons is that people might be scared of getting fired. This is the most extreme example, in my opinion. Perhaps they believe that, if they take too much time off, their superiors will think they are replaceable. If the work gets done without them, does the company need that person?

Another reason some people don’t take off work is that they are workaholics. The country that has the most issue with this is Japan. Japan has hard workers who tend to work many more hours than they should or have to. I recently saw an article says that workers in Japan are banned from working over a certain amount of hours. This should teach us something.

We need to take time off! I used to not take all of my vacation days. There was a time when I had the option of getting “paid out” for my vacation days, which was great. But I don’t have that option anymore. It’s much better this way because I do like taking time off. Those who take at least two weeks off each year will feel the same way!

My Recent Road Trip

The last trip I was on was not by air. It was a road trip. I have often wanted to go on a road trip because it’s a rare thing for me to do. I enjoy the adventure of an open road and seeing where it might lead me. Sure, I had a destination, but the little gems on the way make road trips more exciting. On my last road trip, I drove to New York.

Road trips many times means that the traveler will drive through many states. And I did just that. I believe that, in one day, I crossed through six states. Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey were all on my list to drive through.

On the trip to New York, I drove past many road stops. I stopped at a few! My favorite rest areas are the ones that have a food court and shops. It’s always intriguing to imagine what I will find in one of those gift shops. I’m always curious what types of food will be offered in those stops. When I’m traveling, I like to try new foods and restaurants I have never heard about before. What’s the point of always eating at the same place?

On the way back, I stopped in Delaware to eat dinner. Delaware is one of those states that isn’t known for much. However, a closer look at the state shows it has a rich history. I ate in the downtown area of a college town, which was very quaint and clean for it being a college town. Who knew that lamb on pizza would be so delicious? That was the only time I’ve ever had lamb on pizza.

It’s things like this that which make road trips fun. Trying things for the first time and discovering new areas will always be fun for me. I look forward to my next road trip.

Travel at Your Leisure

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel at your own leisure? Not have to take a set amount of days off before inevitably returning to your mundane 9 to 5 job? We have been fortunate enough to make traveling our life-long dream and job. When I mention us, I’m referring to the thousands of us who have found (and worked hard) to find a way to not waste our lives away in rush hour or in a cubicle. Join us along our spiritual and financial journey of travel, leisure, and love.